Material Recovery Spills happen, it’s part of business. Being prepared to recover that spilled material for proper disposal at a later time is the responsible management practice. Crandall Corporation can help your company by supplying quality absorbent products and disposal. According to the specific operations of your facility, Crandall can recommend and provide a wide varierty of high-tech polypropylene absorbent materials. Our absorbent products include emergency response spill kits, universal socks, booms, and pads. Contact us for a complete range of products and services available.
Disposal and Replacement Our ongoing commitment to the environment includes our comprehensive absorbent disposal and drum replacement program which is available upon request.
Absorbent Supplies & Absorbent Services
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It’s That Easy! 1.  Pick up the phone (or email us) and let us know you need service, and whether you need replacement drums or absorbents.  2.  We schedule the pickup.  3.  You get the service you need, when you need it.  It’s that easy!