Auto Dealership Compliance Services
Qualified professionals will visit your dealership to collect site- specific information for preparation of written compliance plans. Following preparation, a Compliance Specialist will provide training for all employees of the dealership, as required by regulations. Periodically throughout the contract term, Crandall will visit the dealership to assess environmental and employee risk factors, make suggestions for possible waste minimization opportunities, and rate your progress throughout the year.
Needs Based Service Crandall Corporation offers three different service levels to meet your facility’s needs. For more information and/or to request a dealership specific proposal based on your requirements, please call our Client Services team at 1-800- 248-4801.
Regulatory Compliance In response to the demand that regulatory compliance places on service managers, body shop managers and dealer principles, Crandall Corporation has developed an unparalleled program that relieves the burden and properly addresses all EPA, DOT and OSHA compliance issues. Our unique Integrated Compliance Management ™ program provides a hands-on approach by qualified personnel who develop, implement and continuously manage your Environmental, Health and Safety Program. This process includes written compliance programs, complete waste and materials management, detailed record keeping, reporting, employee training and routine workplace inspections.
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