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Online Training Center Demonstration
Introduction and Explanation This site is intended to allow potential Online Training Center users the opportunity to “test drive” our training site on a limited basis. The demonstration site is a mirror of our actual Online Training Center and demonstrates the “ready to roll” turnkey training program that we’ve developed for implementation at your facility. The “ready to roll” program is designed so that users select from broad job category listing to gain access to pre-determined training programs for that category. Categories include: New Hires, Sales/Administrative Staff, Operator/Technician/Utility Person, and Manager/Supervisor. Training regimens have been selected to provide only the training that is needed for compliance with the regulations, but also offers our additional recommended courses (optional). Testing & Documentation Our program is set up to quiz users on the topics covered. Each quiz consists of a series of questions which users answer and receive feedback indicating if it was correct or incorrect. In this way users strengthen their understanding of the material even when they get a question wrong. Once a quiz is passed successfully (70% or above) a training certificate documenting the time, date, topic and user is automatically generated which can be printed immediately for documentation purposes.
Your Time is at a Premium We recognize that your time is valuable and at a premium. That’s why we’ve developed concise presentations that are content-rich. We cover a lot of material in a short amount of time maximizing your training efforts.
Custom Training Sites Want a little more? We can create a training website specific to your facility or company. Imagine your own company’s online training site, developed, implemented, and managed by Crandall Corporation. We can use your current training materials or develop materials and training plans specific to your operations. Let us help maintain your compliance with the training requirements for your business.