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Online Training Overview
Online Training Overview Find out more about our Online Training Center and what we offer to keep your employees trained and in compliance with the regulations.
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EHSP2 - Online Training for Environment, Health, Safety, and Pollution Prevention This training is avaiable to Allstate PRO and AIG direct repair service providers ONLY. We, as the certifying vendor, report your participation to Allstate or AIG on a monthly basis so your compliance with the requirement is never in question.
EHS - Online Training for Environment, Health, and Safety Topics This training is geared toward providing all of the information your employees need to protect themselves, as well as their coworkers, in hazardous work environments. Your employees will learn the proper PPE for their job, what’s in a MSDS, how to use a portable fire extinguisher, and much more.
DOT - Online Training for Employees that Ship/Receive Hazardous Materials This training is required every three years for employees/companies that ship and/or receive hazardous materials. Your employees will learn how to use the hazardous materials table, how to complete haz mat shipping papers, how to comply with the hazardous materials security requirements, how to use the Emergency Response Guide, and more. Don’t risk costly fines and penalties, get your employees trained today!
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