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Environment, Health, Safety, Pollution Prevention - Some of Our Available Training Topics Include: Emergency Action Plans Occupational Noise Exposure Personal Protective Equipment Respiratory Protection Accident Signs & Tags Control of Hazardous Energy - Lock Out/Tag Out Portable Fire Extinguishers Fixed Fire Suppression Systems Powered Industrial Trucks Welding, Cutting, Brazing Blood Borne Pathogens Hazard Communication Handling and Disposal of Waste Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning Recording and Reporting Occupational Illnesses and Injuries Employee Access to Medical Records Exposure Monitoring - Medical Surveillance Management and Reporting of Hazardous Waste Auto Lift Safety Trenching and Shoring Electrical Safety Power Tool Safety Asbestos Exposure - Brake/Clutch Cleaning Storm Water Sampling Storm Water Permits & Requirements Chain of Custody Completion Manifesting Hazardous Waste - Generator Requirements Overhead Cranes
The Online Training Center has been developed to meet your compliance needs, and to provide the necessary tools to ensure that your employees are compliant with the rules and regulations while maintaining a safe work environment. Training topics have been selected for each job category in your facility. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3... 1. Login to the Crandall Online Training Center. 2. Click on the Training Subject you’re interested in (EHSP2, EHS, Hazardous Materials, etc.) 3. Select your job category and start training.
Are you in compliance? Are you in compliance with your industry’s training requirements? Many industries have specific training requirements outlined by OSHA. Crandall is here to help you meet your compliance needs.
DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation - Available Training Topics Include: Haz Mat Transportation System Overview Hazard Classes Hazardous Materials Security Hazardous Materials Table Shipping Papers Packaging & Labeling Placarding Hazardous Materials Emergencies Materials of Trade Emergency Response Guide Hazardous Materials General Awareness Resource Materials included with the class: - Haz Mat Shipments - Quick Reference Guide - Searchable Haz Mat Table (spreadsheet & pdf formats) - Emergency Response Guide - Haz Mat Training Manual (with presentation slides) Included FREE - downloadable video tutorials to help you remember how to ship hazardous materials! - How to use the Haz Mat Spreadsheet - Haz Waste Manifesting Requirements - Using the Haz Mat Compliance Book
Upon successful completion of the DOT Haz Mat training course you will receive a Certificate of Completion via regular mail that demonstrates your compliance with the Hazardous Materials Training Requirements.
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Everything you need! Let’s face it, there are some less than stellar training programs out there. They promise results and compliance, but are slim on delivery of useful materials. Crandall’s online training program provides the resources you need. Our system is video based, not slides that you have click through and read. We’ve packed a lot of punch into a smaller container. Your time is valuable; shouldn’t you get what you paid for without a lot of hassle?
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