Transactional Services
Labpack Management "Lab Pack" refers to small quantities (less than 5 gallons of liquid and 40 pounds of solids) of laboratory waste, which are securely packed in an outer container and have a detailed chemical inventory list attached. Crandall Corporation has extensive experience in the assessment, determination, classification, packaging, transportation, storage and disposal of chemicals from laboratories. Staffed with highly qualified technicians, the company can properly manage all aspects of each project.
Consultation, Planning, Reporting In addition to our Integrated Compliance Management Programs, Crandall also offers traditional consultant services. With our highly trained staff of professionals and technicians we offer a wide variety of environmental, health, and safety services including, but not limited to: Phase I All Appropriate Inquiries Environmental Site Assessments, Storm Water Management and Erosion Control Plans, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans, Regulatory Permitting, Health and Safety Auditing, Environmental Auditing, Risk Management Plans, SARA Title III / Tier II Reports, Waste Minimization Reports and Plans, Quarterly and Annual Hazardous Waste Activity Reports (SQG and LQG), Contingency Plans for Hazardous Waste Generators, National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permits, and Air Emissions Inventory.
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