Waste Management Services
Turn-Key Service Turn-key service agreements are designed to include the appropriate units of equipment, solvent material, solvent disposal, and unit maintenance. Service schedules are developed in accordance with actual needs. Additionally and as may be required, Crandall can provide the appropriate level of service for client-owned equipment…including filter replacement and fluid replenishment.
Densification Crandall currently operates a unique used oil filter and problem metals recycling system...which was the result of its own in-house research and development efforts. This process, known as densification, recovers previously unrecoverable residual used oil from used oil filters and then converts the filters (in addition to other metals) into a product which is suitable for recycling in the scrap steel industry.
Did you know... Crandall also offers a variety of Parts Washing and Paint Gun Cleaning equipment for service and/or sale within the automotive and industrial markets.
Recovery, Recycling, Disposal Crandall Corporation provides the highest quality planning and implementation for fulfilling most hazardous and non-hazardous waste service needs. With a fleet of DOT/EPA permitted and certified vacuum tankers and associated equipment, Crandall can accomplish the most difficult waste extraction, transportation, and disposal needs. Also equipped with box vans and tractor/trailer van combinations, Crandall can load and transport drums of hazardous or non-hazardous waste to its Lexington, SC facility...or to the RCRA Permitted Treatment, Storage, Disposal Facility of the client’s choice.
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