Written Programs
Written Programs Many federal and state regulatory agencies require written programs, policies, and procedures to comply, wholly or in part, with a given regulation. In an effort to be of service to auto dealerships and industrial companies, Crandall has developed the written programs required under USEPA, OSHA, and DOT. Written plans and on-site training may include the following, depending on your operations: Hazard Communication, Material Safety Data Sheet Organization/Maintenance, Emergency Action / Fire Safety, Brake and Clutch Repair Policy, Lockout/Tagout, Bloodborne Pathogens, Personal Protective Equipment, Hazardous Materials Handling and Transportation, Forklift Safety, Hearing Conservation, Respiratory Protection, and Respiratory Fit Testing.
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Integrated Compliance TM The turn-key scope of services provided by Crandall is unmatched by other consultants or contractors. Crandall affords our customers confidence and security, knowing that all regulatory compliance requirements are being addressed. The “others” leave gaps, requiring dealership management oversight and “piece-mealing” for services not included.